Dr. Chee Ching
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Dr. Chee Ching

President, FarEasTone

Dr. Chee Ching
Chee photo cropped Far Eas Tone Logo

Chee Ching, the president of FarEasTone, stated that digital technology is rapidly reshaping current business models as well as business operations, while it elevates the competition among enterprises and, very often, across industries. FarEasTone is transforming from a traditional telco operator to a digital service and enterprise solution provider, as it prepares for 5G adoption and network evolution. FarEasTone strives to provide more added values to the customers through various services it offers. In the past few years, FarEasTone has started fostering more innovative thinking and adopted Big Data analytics , Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) as our core capabilities to expedite our transformation and open up new economy opportunities, i.e. the blue ocean.

What FarEasTone is doing

FarEasTone is taking several initiatives to tackle the new challenges in digital era. For example, an integrated data management platform is in progress in order to obtain a holistic customer view and understand the experience of a customer’s journey; revamping FarEasTone’s official web portal and redesigning e-commerce app to provide superior user experience and better business conversion rate.

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