Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang
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Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang


Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang
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“PEOPLE. TECHNOLOGY. is our motto that portrays KT’s commitment to creating and utilizing technologies that care about people and enrich human life in the digital age, and the Digital Declaration is all about this.

As the top telecommunications company in Korea, spearheading the Fourth Industrial Revolution and 5G, it is simply imperative that KT join the Digital Declaration and work together with global leaders in fulfilling these important roles and responsibilities.”

What KT is doing

Under the vision of ‘GiGAtopia’, KT has been dedicating all efforts to enrich the life of people and achieve sustainable society and is recognized as a Lead Company by the UN Global Compact for its commitment to the UN Global Compact and its ten principles for responsible business and advancing the Global Goals.

KT has been at the forefront of providing the state-of-the-art GiGA Intelligent Network to all streets and corners of Korea and spearheading the development of 5G and Fourth Industrial Revolution that benefit all people and enterprises. As an official service provider of National Public Safety Network, KT plays a pivotal role in public safety and disaster recovery. Especially, KT has developed a 5G Skyship that provides rapid network coverage and assists with medical relief in emergencies.

In 2016, KT implemented the world’s first “Epidemics Prevention Platform” that utilizes roaming information and Big Data to help prevent the spread of epidemics in Korea. KT led the “Working Group on Epidemic Preparedness” under the ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission and published the report titled “Preventing the Spread of Epidemics Using ICT”.

More detailed information on KT’s customer-first strategy and sustainable management can be found at the following link.

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