Rajeev Suir
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Rajeev Suir

President and Chief Executive Officer, Nokia

Rajeev Suir
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“Communication networks powered by 5G and other advanced technologies are critical for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era that will bring incredible innovation and opportunity. As creators of this technology – the technology that connects the world – we put security and ethical treatment of data at the center of everything we do at Nokia. In signing the Digital Declaration, we want to ensure that all businesses and governments fully recognize that maintaining a digital environment of trust, inclusiveness and open innovation is essential to achieve the full potential of this new age.”

What Nokia is doing

Nokia understands that respecting the privacy of our customers, employees and stakeholders is a fundamental value for us as a trustworthy and ethical company. Compliance with our Privacy Principles and Requirements ensures we are able to achieve compliance with privacy laws, as well as honoring commitments to customers. Nokia products, services and processes are designed to embed those principles and to ensure we can meet the applicable requirements. Our ‘Design for security’ approach means that security is designed in and managed throughout a product’s lifecycle, supported by a rich set of technologies, tools and procedures. In addition to the “Digital Declaration”, Nokia is a also a signatory of “Tthe Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace” and of “The Cybersecurity Tech Accord”. With those initiatives, we want to contribute to improve the security, stability and resilience of the cyberspace.

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