Digital Declaration selected to be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum 2021
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Digital Declaration selected to be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum 2021

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Reforming capitalism through the impact economy

Digital technologies are changing almost every aspect of our lives. This digital transformation is bringing about critical global challenges. To address them, in 2019 the GSMA launched the Digital Declaration, a platform of companies across industries committed to advance a trusted, inclusive, innovative and sustainable digital future for all.

Since its launch, it has consolidated into a global platform of more than 80 companies; fostered cross-industry and public-private dialogue; conducted communication campaigns; collaborated with international organisations and NGOs; contributed to international fora; facilitated knowledge sharing and advanced projects on digital inclusion.

The Digital Declaration has not only set forth a vision of a positive and people-centred digital future for all but it is also acting on it. Its selection to this year’s Paris Peace Forum will further drive collaboration with new partners and help empower other selected projects through digital, which plays an increasingly central role in almost every project.

Last year, the GSMA We Care initiative was selected to be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum.

The Paris Peace Forum 2021: Mobilising all stakeholders for collective action

This event is held every year on 11-13 November in Paris with the aim to place global governance at the top of the international agenda. Stakeholders discuss global governance issues and cooperate on solutions through three spaces:

The Paris Peace Forum continues to demonstrate that in a deteriorated international environment it is still possible to advance governance solutions, scale up projects and launch new initiatives. Since its creation, the Forum has supported and accompanied numerous projects that respond to the cross-border challenges of our time. This year, in a hybrid format, 80 projects are invited to the Forum’s Space for Solutions, to tackle today’s transnational challenges.

A universal call for projects to meet today's greatest challenges

The responses to this fourth call for projects confirm the Forum's role as a major player in international coordination, as nearly 60% of the projects chosen by the Selection Committee are implemented across several continents.

In 2021, the Paris Peace Forum will continue to put the global South at the heart of its actions by supporting nearly 30 projects targeting Africa, South America, South Asia and the Middle East.

The Selection Committee evaluated all applications and made its choice based on the quality of the projects as well as a geographical balance. 

Find out more: Discover the 80 projects showcased throughout the fourth edition of the Forum on 11-13 November 2021.